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दोस्तों ये Amazing VFX Showreel देखिये बहोत ही बढ़िया vfx shots create किये हुवे है | आपको अच्छा vfx artist बन्ने केलिए vfx  shorts को देखो और शोचोकी ये short आप केसे बनास्कते है | जितना आप अच्छा शोच पायेगे उतनाही अच्छा vfx short create कर सकोगे |

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video from vimeo – Umbrella

Check out the last Umbrella VFX Showreel!

In our shot/task manager system we achieved a brilliant bridge between the Artist, the Supervisor and Customers all over the World.

For the sci-fi experimental effect the procedural animated 3D texture(fluid) has been created in Maya, with multiple scripts to get the natural unstable movement to achieve the desired final look. Afterwards we have setup the render passes in Nuke also using UVpass to wrap extra textures on the rendered animated models.

For panorama shots and cleanups we developed inhouse tools using our loved Nuke’s camera projection system with pointclouds and relighting tools.

You will see breakdown shots we finished for the feature film Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. Nearly 250 VFX shots.

100 VFX shots for HAYAH I.S.F., and 70 VFX shots for the sci-fi movie Divorce. You will also see visual effects for commercials like Pepsi, McDonalds and many more.

Gaurav Bhatt (Multimedia Artist)

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