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Bleed VFX Reel 2019 | Physics and Dynamic Simulation की Specialization | AnimFX

Bleed VFX

Bleed VFX फिल्मों और विज्ञापनों के लिए उच्च-गुणवत्ता वाले physical and dynamic simulations बनाने में माहिर है। Bleed VFX के पास physics and dynamic simulation की specialization वाली team है| 

Bleed VFX खास करके water splashes(पानी के छींटे), fire, smoke, cloth, clouds, rain, ice, tornados(बवंडर), food & cream के dynamic simulation पर work करती है|

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Gaurav Bhatt (Multimedia Artist)

Hey There, I am Gaurav Bhatt. I am Founder of AnimFX. AnimFX is a Animation and vfx Online learning platform. I have a YouTube channel as well where I produce videos about Animation and VFX. I have trained thousands of students through my Videos.

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